The rapid response to the pandemic in countries around the globe made the use of emergency powers both essential and attractive for governments. The Author Guidance Code (AGC) asked authors to answer a range of questions in their country reports. In responding to the pandemic, countries took variations in the constitutional framework for pandemic law-making. In this dataset, we focus specifically on how Federal countries responded to the Covid-19 pandemic.

In the first section, we hand-coded both Constitutional and Legal frameworks, and how they interplayed between national and subnational jurisdictions. The topics covered in this section include: Constitutional and International Law, Statutory Emergency, Executive Rule-Making Power, and Guidance.

In the second section, we hand-coded issues related to Institutions and Oversight. The Role of Legislatures (and the functioning of subnational legislatures), Courts, Elections, Public Health Measures, and Enforcement are covered.

In the third section, we look into Social Protection measures. We cover a range of topics, including Social Assistance and Insurance, Tax Relief, Employment Protection, and Human Rights and Vulnerable Groups.

Photo by Antonio Quagliata

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