To accompany the country reports and to aid in the comparative analysis of national responses to Covid-19, we have produced comparative datasets on a range of topics. The publication of these datasets rests on the principle of widening the use of the LAC19 resource to quantiative researchers while providing a condensed and simplified overview of the country reports for legal scholars, policymakers and parliamentary staff.

As such, the data is designed for use by both quantitative researchers and those less familiar with quantitative data sources. Variable names take a natural language form and reference to our codebook allows for a clear and detailed interpretation of each variable we code.  The latest version of the complete dataset and the codebook can be accessed via the links at the end of this paragraph (NOTE: the links re-direct to the Zenodo website where the documents are stored). At the bottom of the page, under the relevant headings, are links to data addressing specific topics. These links contain background information on the topic, the subset of the complete dataset releavant to that topic and policy briefs offering some insights using the LAC19 data.

The lastest version of the complete dataset can be found here.

The codebook can be found here.

Sources of Data

The values of the indicators contained within the datasets has been ‘mined’ from the country reports by members of the LAC19 editorial committee. This involved hand coding the reports with variables constructed from questions outlined in the Author Guidance Code (AGC). Indicators refer to national level responses unless stated otherwise. The structure of the AGC, the stringent editing process requiring authors to address specific questions and hand coding by those most familiar with the reports makes for a highly valid data source. In turn, this allows for accurate cross-country comparison across a range of indicators. A unique aspect of LAC19 data is the inclusion of hyperlinks to the part of the published country reports from which a data point was collected. This allows quick and easy navigation between the datasets and country reports. We actively encourage users to explore this feature to both help contextualise the comparative data and explore cross-country trends.

Country selection

LAC19 tracks legal and institutional responses to Covid-19 in over 60 countries. The selected countries span all continents and include cases in both the global North and South. However, to ensure a high degree of validity, country reports are only mined once they have passed through all stages of the editing process. At present, around 40 countries are included in the datasets published and this number will be increased as reports are completed.


Emergency Powers data

Parliaments data